On August 31, 2015, the Court signed an Order Authorizing a Second Distribution to Certain Eligible Claimants and the Payment of Taxes, Fees, and Expenses (the “Distribution Order”). Pursuant to the Distribution Order, a second distribution of the balance of the Fair Fund was approved and payments were issued to Eligible Claimants on October 8, 2015. To view a copy of the Distribution Order, click here.

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To have been potentially eligible to participate in the SEC Fair Fund, claimants (except for certain participants in a class action settlement identified below) had to have submitted a completed Proof of Claim. Investors whose claims were previously approved in the class action entitled In re Dollar General Securities Litigation, Civil Action No. 3:01-0388 (M.D. Tenn) (WJH) (the "Dollar General Class Action") were automatically deemed eligible claimants with respect to transactions for which a claim was previously approved in that class action, so long as those approved transactions calculate to an Eligible Loss under the Plan of Allocation for the SEC Fair Fund, and did not need to do anything to participate in the SEC Fair Fund.

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